My Old Tarot Story

My interpretation of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards compared to My Life. This is to show You why and how I can read them so well for You


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Last night, my daughter gave me this to read because I love Unicorns


Virgo is the Unicorn, My Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in Virgo, in the tenth house of PUBLIC

The first card in the 22 Tarot Major Trump Cards is 0 The Fool, which is described as a soul who is taking a leap into the unknown

And number 1.....The Magician, which is described as "Master of My Fate, Captain of My Soul"


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The High Priestess


Number II in the Tarot. She rules Pisces, who is also ruled by Neptune. Pisces is my Venus, my Heart. My Psyche, the asteroid representing My Mind, My Body, My Soul


""Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"


The number two quote on My Facebook about me section. It was on my mind when I went out to deliver papers this morning. I picked that up in one of my Early Childhood Education classes at Penn Tech in Williamsport. I was thinking, this morning, about that poem I wrote at the time also, Living The Moment, sitting on a bench alone, looking East. I realized that the whole Universe has conspired to get me to take classes on Early Childhood, Psychology and even computer programming (I got high with some of those computer guys, very nice boys). I was prepared for this website and blog, ten years ago. Holy shit. Then I went to beauty school and I slowly stopped being a jeans and tshirt girl. Now, look at me, I love showing off my body, even if I am shy about it. And it was all to get one person's attention so that he would never stop thinking of me. Because some people, all I have to do is smile and they Believe. But apparently, some people are so stubborn, it takes the whole Universe to make them Believe


Which brings us to number III in the Tarot. The Empress. She does not rule any sign but she is associated with Venus. And I like to think maybe the asteroid Ceres also. It represents mothering and nurturing. My Ceres is Aries, I Am


Some friends ask me why I'm sad. They say I should be happy, the dreams aren't sad. Well, I'm trying to be grateful. I have a home, a car, lots of family and friends who love me, an amazing daughter......but I've been going through all this alone. I've been forced to dream about this guy, get to know his twins, I've pretty much been coerced into writing this blog every day that turns out to be about him almost every day. I've been forced to think about this guy that I was willing to be friends with but he didn't want to talk to me. I definitely wanted to talk to him, yes, but I didn't know why. Yes, I thought about taking him home the night he played with my fingers.....but I wasn't thinking about sex, that's why I left alone. He didn't even look me in the eyes. I've spent most of my life alone. I can't find a dog because no one Believes that I can handle one. And seriously, it's been eight and a half months since I've even kissed anyone. This has not been a blessing, it's been absolute Hell and I can't wait for this nightmare I'm living in to end


Which brings us to number IV, The Emperor. Yes, the father, who rules Aries (who is also ruled by Mars)

I have Eros and Ceres in Aries. This takes us back to that quote. I can teach, I can show but it's been so much easier to Believe by getting you ALL involved, right?? I haven't talked to my Taurus father since the beginnning of December but I'm pretty sure we all owe him a huge thanks. I Feel and I Believe that the song quote my phone sings when my Taurus father does text me to say hi, has been right all these years...."A hero's not afraid to give his life. A hero's gonna save me just in time"


Because now we have number V, the Heirophant. Who rules Taurus (who Is also ruled by Venus) and Taurus is One of My Moons


We all know what that means. Traditon, values, morals and seeking spiritual meaning. Yes, this is why I love Taurus' so much


And last, we will let that lucky number VII have it's very own post, VI, The Lovers. Who rule Gemini the Twins, who are also ruled by Mercury. Gemini is my other Moon


I don't think we need to say anymore today. Obviously, all I think about is LOVE .......but I will tell you a secret.....Mercury is the way we communicate so I'm pretty sure it's because my Twin Flame has a Mars in Gemini, Mars is the mans heart and Gemini means I Think, so he must Think about Love too


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Lucky Number 7


7:26am   What's so lucky about that number 7 ?? My Real brother was born Jan 7 and it's a very lucky number for him and some times me too. VII in the Tarot is the Chariot. It rules Cancer who is also ruled by the Moon. I don't have any planets in Cancer but it means I Feel. And I sure do Feel a lot. Maybe because it's in the Eigth House of my birth chart, the house of transformation and it is opposing my house of possessions. I don't have any planets in that house either, house number two, ruled by Venus. I have Capricorn in house two, which means I Feel and Use how to get the most in relationships (with the other house that is ruled by Venus, My Gemini Moon). Does it make sense to you?? My birth chart says that I am using My Sun, My Mercury, My Venus and My Moon to find a relationship. I think it's fascinating and seven is lucky for me because it's one of My Moons


Which brings me to that apartment where those twins live. I can't give away all the numbers but I knew I was lucky the first time I saw that door and when my favorite one answered the door yesterday, he was a little surprised that I said something about that lucky number 7. He told me his roommate or his friend had mentioned all the 7's in their World. Cool. I wasn't listening to what music was playing, we were alone and we definitely communicate better without anyone else around


I was feeling good until I got home and had to walk back up my driveway. By the time I left to deliver papers, I had a heavy heart. I thought about some of the things that twin and I talked about. Then had to walk back down to that car. I cried almost the whole way down. Wishing I were better enough to have rode a sled down or even just be able to walk faster without fear of twisting the wrong leg and injuring myself some more. I was also thinking, I've been waiting here a very long time for a man to come help me take care of this house and now I'm spending another winter in a cold house with no help shoveling or plowing that long ass driveway. And then I was upset because I had to pick up some food and forgot to take a sled to bring it up the driveway. And now I'm home, sore from having to get out and walk to so many mailboxes (I should have asked for help, damn me) and then walk back up this hill again. Yes, I've had enough of this cold shit


Which brings me to another 7, sort of, That 70's Show. Right before I started dating PW, I bought the box set that looks like a box of records. I came across it at a cheap price and thought it was way too cool to pass up. I've been watching it the past few days because it makes me laugh. A lot. The last one I watched, was episode 138 where Fez is about to get his green card for Real and thinks he has to take a test. Most of the episode is about U.S. history. They argue over 1776 and what happened that year. Do you know?? I loved the end, Kittie and Donna were arguing over where The tea party was. After several back and forths, Kittie opens the books, reads it and says "oh....I'm going to have a Long Island Tea Party"


Oh yes, I thought, as I cried on my way down the driveway to my car, I'm with her, I Love Long Island Teas and I'm sick of taxes


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VIII Strength


12:35 am     Did you know this one was getting it's very own post also?? Tarot card VIII, Strength, rules Leo the Lion, who is also ruled by the Sun. I'm Aquarius, I Know the Sun and I Know My Self. And I know quite a few Leo's. I never understood the significance of the Leo in my birth chart but that Leo woman who stalked me and painted me that blessing, she knew it was important. She told me I should try dating one, I never liked them. I figured she just loved herself so much, as is the Leo way, that she wanted me to Love one too. So I tried one again when I met one at the Sub Shop after closing the bar one night. He was wearing a black hat, was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes so I gave him my number, even though he had a girls name. We dated awhile. It was when I finally started beauty school like that Leo woman had suggested many years before. I believe we dated a couple months but we just couldn't connect, I gave up on Leo's. He's happily married to a red head now, with a couple kids
Then I kind of met another one, only his girlfriend called him Leo but his name was Alex. Yea, my boss from Holiday Hair was one of my evil twins. My employee number for clocking in every day was 8. My boss showed me the kind of girl I could be if I wanted. But after spending four and a half years with her, I will never be like that. I always knew there was a reason she called him Leo but I didn't figure it out until the last couple months. I don't remember when it dawned on me exactly but duh, I have two Alex's in my life, a psychic and a tattoo man. The tattoo man keeps giving me tattoos for a particular person and the psychic keeps giving me more friends who want me to think about that person too
I can't forget about the two Leo's from barber school either. One was a barber upstairs with me, one a cosmetologist downstairs, one straight, one gay; two very different Leo's but they had the same name. Oh yes. But one went with the A name and an O on the end while the other went by Tony. I"m saving a whole post for those two but for now, I will say that they believed in me and gave me just what I needed to know. That barber one, he helped me draw designs and his birth chart, that he just had to have, was the answer. He and I can talk with our minds, if we both want to and are open to it. I can still feel him and talk to him now if I want, right here in this bed. But he's happily engaged and would like me to find some one else to connect with, after all, he's only a friend. He's definitely one of my Angels and my guide. I finally remembered to look at his birth chart again, a month or so ago, he really was trying to show me something.....he has a Mars in Gemini and a Venus in Cancer. We truly can Think and Feel each other with our minds and our hearts and that's how I Know that my Twin also has those
But I was sick when I finished barber school. I was depressed and dying. I wasn't thinking very well, so when I met that Leo at Home Depot, who has the same name as the guy who left the red B tattoo on my neck, I thought I was looking for a Leo. He had a lot of things I like and he went by the full A name, not the D nickname. Yea, I thought I really liked that guy but then Alex finally started giving me tattoos. Home Depot and I decided we didn't like each other and I was lost again
But I finally figured it all out when I made that post about waiting for Superman. I forget when it was but I looked that B name up again, that guy from Boston and I shared the first sentence of it's meaning. There's a whole page on every name but I only needed those first two sentences, Superman and the Strength in the Tarot. DUH  No wonder we didn't get it. Leo is just what his name means, that's all. And considering what the rest of the page says, I was totally right on calling him a coward. He's suppose to be a Lion and strong
Which would lead us to Tarot card number IX, The Hermit, but that's Virgo, ME, it's getting it's own post too. I do want to mention one more 8, turn it sideways, it's the symbol for infinity. I've got a whole post on that too but today, it makes me wonder when Orange is the New Black is coming out with new episodes. And of course, the two's, now I have Foreigner stuck in my head, just great for delivering papers in this shitty ass weather

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One More Leo


7:02am    I was planning to write about the Hermit and Virgo's but I Know too much, I Have to Think about what's important. And this morning, an Aquarius friend helped me with the papers. I was so thankful that I did not have to get out of my car much. Wait, I didn't have to at all while out there  🙂  Even tho he was sick and making me stop for him to puke almost every half hour, we still had a good time. All that stopping made us get to Magic Valley just as it started snowing. We both agree that the snow is great to look at but that's it. Especially when I thought about how it was just enough snow and just cold enough that I was probably not getting my car up the driveway. Which I did not. Boo


He reminded me of my favorite Leo, how could I forget?? Everything happens for a reason tho and now she gets her very own post. My BF Earth Twin, the other Carol. I always wondered what it was that made this woman different than me. We are so much alike except that she says what's on OUR Minds without hesitation and for being small, she sure does like to fight. Well I finally did her birth chart last winter, she has a Leo Moon. Of course, that's why I Love this chick and her mouth. I Have the Moon and I Think with the Moon but I'm not very good at Using it, she's the strength in her and I's relationship, without a doubt


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IX The Hermit


6:26am     Perfect time to talk about the Hermit, we are being hermits and hibernating like bears right now, yes?? That's all the Hermit means, taking a time out and reflecting on your self. The Hermit rules Virgo who is also ruled by Venus. Virgo means I Analyze. I have Virgo in my tenth house of Public. This is why I'm a wallflower. I have Mars in Virgo. Two meanings here. One, in astrology, Mars is motivation and the man's heart. Analyzing men is what motivates me (maybe that's why it's always been my destiny to be a barber). And hello, the whole damn Earth is analyzing Mars right now, aren't they?? HMMM
I also have Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter is Luck and search for meaning
My Saturn is also in Virgo. Saturn is the way we understand others. We understand others here on Earth with communication, yes??
Lastly, I have Lilith in Virgo. Lilith represents the dark side of the Moon and inhibitions. I Analyze them
I'm Good because I Analyze inhibitions; I see what humans do to each other, I see what chemicals do to humans because I'm a wallflower; I understand because I Analyze humans; I'm Lucky because I Analyze it all in my house of public
The great part of it all, Virgo opposes Pisces. I have Venus and Psyche in Pisces. Pisces means I Believe, so yes, I Believe in this and My Self, with my whole heart, mind, body and soul. That I'm Analyzing Earth and I'm here to help as many humans as I can
Recently, I was reminded about sociopaths. I still don't like that word, so for now, I will call them non-empaths. Remember, 1 in 25 humans can't feel emotions, not at all. And that day I hate is coming up, on Sunday, the one that wants every one to Feel Love. I made a blog about it on My Inspiration page. I'm sorry about this frigid weather but it truly is how I Feel inside and cold is My Hell, not fire. The non-empaths can't be shown or taught how to feel emotions but they can feel the cold and wind, yes??
What's my point?? Well, it brings us to Tarot card X, the Wheel of Fortune. Which is associated with Jupiter, Luck. Oh yes, I just figured this out the other day, this is why Karma is my BF and I see it in action. She really is following ME, in the Tarot cards and in Real Life because I Analyze Jupiter, remember??
Think about it, I'm describing and relating the Tarot cards with Astrology and LIFE.....Number X The Wheel of Fortune
I'm going to think about that wheel for awhile and I'm going to write a blog on My Inspiration page about all the Virgos who helped me understand my self and how I AM in public, with other humans
Before I go, I would like to mention that my Aquarius friend C rode along with me again this morning. After I received my very first Valentine Card in years that is from someone other than my daughter. My very good friend who is away and has too much time on his hands. He says that if I stay here, he will help me fix my house, in 2018. It was so sweet and reminded me just how much I am Loved and by so many people. I also found out some crazy, unbelievable information about my friend C, he's related to my favorite AJ who use to live on the same street!!! I never Knew until this morning. What a small World it can be. Seriously, I received my pay stub this morning, guess who left me a $50 tip?? Oh yes, that house where those two beautiful labs live, yes, the ones I just talked about. The most magical moment this morning however, was when we were going through Magic Valley and right before the only paper drop I have down there in the winter, a gorgeous brown OWL flew across the road in front of us, from right to left

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10:19am   I'm trying to take a nap but I have Virgos on my mind. I've been trying to remember where my dislike for them came from. I don't remember any, I definitely don't remember dating any and I don't think any of my old friends are Virgo's. The first one I remember, is the one from Holiday Hair whom I've already talked about. The one who showed me my good. I've also mentioned my boss from there, oh yes, she is a Virgo also. Yep, I'm so lucky, I worked with two Virgos for four and a half years who showed me how I am in Public with humans, both good and bad. My Virgo is not just important because it's in my tenth house of public and my motivation, it's also trine with my Moon.....a big part of that kite in my birth chart that makes me psychic


Of course I had no idea, I had my birth chart done but I didn't understand it, I had no idea how important all that Virgo was. Not until barber school. That place was Hell but I learned a whole lot about my self and my Twin Flame. I'm going to write a book on that place and talk about everyone that was in my class. There were a few who came and went, they were there to help me with other people in my life at the time so I will save them for the book. The ones who were with me the whole six and a half months, I've mentioned a few. Let's see; NY whom I mostly called the Devil because he has a Capricorn Sun but didn't act like it and made me cry. I've also mentioned Angel from near Centralia who also had a Capricorn Sun. I didn't mention how good he is. He was married with two kids. He had cameras around his house and watched his family all day on his phone. He loved them with all his heart and he tried really hard to help NY be that good Capricorn he can be. While I got to sit there and see both sides of my Twin Flame's Moon. I've also mentioned Tony the Leo and how he helped me. He helped me stay believing because he believed and he knew I was right. He showed me what my Twin Flame's Mars and Venus were and that He really will hear and feel me the way I do everyone else


I'm so Lucky, I've also mentioned K.D., the blonde female Taurus who sat next to me most of the days and rode with me over lunch almost every day. Yes, she has the same last name as my Taurus father who was next door here at home when I wasn't up there in school. When I was sad and felt like I was ready to quit school, I walked over there and he would remind me why I was there and that I'm stronger than some asshole who just wants a piece. Yea, I was so Lucky to have those Taurus' with me, the female especially, she reminded me so much of my favorite Taurus cousin M. I felt like I was there with her some days, not K.D.


Anyway, guess what the other three classmates were?? Yep, Virgos. Three very different Virgos. Now I got to see and observe the many different aspects of my Virgo since it's my Mars, opposing my heart and is how I Am out there in public looking for my Twin. I can show that Virgo in many ways; with my Moon, my Venus and My Sun. The first birth chart I did at barber school was the first I did for some one else and I wasn't too happy with it. But I, the african american man who was smart, knew what he wanted in life and was only looking for Love, he was happy with it. It gave him all the answers he needed and he didn't care that I redid it for him several months later, he was already downstairs with those cosmo girls looking for Love. The other male, he was always down there. He loved doing womens hair and flirting. He didn't teach me much except that he believed and he lived life to the fullest every day. Perhaps because he was in war, he knows what it's like to face death. What I liked most about him were all his tattoos. My favorite was the big set of lips on his neck. They were his wifes. The one his mom made him go out with. He fell in Love and hasn't wanted to be without her since. Last I knew, they had three girls and lived near Centralia, very happily


The girl Virgo. We had a convo out back two weeks in. It didn't go well, not at all, we barely talked for the rest of the six months. But we're both Virgo wallflowers. We watched each other and we learned a lot from each other. I Love her and I Hope she Loves me too


I'm so Lucky, it doesn't stop there. Oh no. Remember that I mentioned my Virgo is trine with my Moon?? Well, the day after I graduated barber school, I met a Virgo Moon, Home Depot. And my 'brother' B has a Virgo Moon.  Not only have I gotten to see how I communicate and act as a Virgo, I've been getting to see how I think as Virgo also. How cool !?!?!




∑  Reflection : Originally posted February 15, 2016  ∑

6:44 am    Before I go on, I want to reflect on what we've learned, some of these were lengthy. We started with O The Fool, a soul taking a leap and journey into the unknown. He met 1 The Magician, an old soul who told him that he was "The Captain of his Soul, Master of his Fate." Then he met II The High Priestess, the Pisces (my Venus and Psyche), did I say what she means?? She represents mysteries and secrets and tells the soul, The Fool, to trust their intuition. Then the soul meets III The Empress, who is associated with Venus. She represents growth, prosperity and nurturing, she's a mother figure. Then IV The Emperor, Aries, the father, who tells us to look at things with a CLEAR head. V The Heirophant, the Taurus, a wise figure representing morals and tradition. VI The Lovers, Gemini the Twins. LOVE


I didn't mention the meaning of VII The Chariot, Cancer. Cancer means I Feel, The Chariot is telling us that we need to focus and have self discipline if we want victory. What I find fascinating right now, right between VII The Chariot and X The Wheel of Fortune; we have VIII Strength and IX The Hermit. Leo and Virgo. The Strength card is telling us that we have that Strength within us, the Strength card does have a beautiful Lady with that Lion. And Virgo is reminding us to stay focused on our inner strength because Karma is coming next


⊕  Tarot cards X-XIV : Originally posted February 15, 2016  ⊗

7:09 am


X Wheel of Fortune

I Love that it's not just the number ten, it's an X....that song I finally found not too long ago while delivering papers. My "Pursuit of Happiness" is figuring out that X in my birth chart. The ten, I'm still thinking about that. Even tho I got my heart broke by a Capricorn and a Scorpio at 26, it was still one of the best years of my life. I'm really hoping 36 is better than any of my years of being 30 has been. Anyway, I am Virgo, I Analyze Karma and she follows Me because I stand for the Truth. People can't lie to Me and because I Am Eros and Ceres, Karma is my BF


Especially when XI is Justice who rules Libra. Libra means I Balance and is also ruled by Venus. Hmmm


I have Pluto in Libra. Pluto means transformation. I Balance transformation with My Pisces Venus. I Believe in My Self and Love and that I Am Love and that I truly can help you find Love because I Am Truth, Karma's BF  (I also have my Gemini Moon and my empty house of Capricorn in the houses ruled by Venus. I Use my Mind to help You)


XII The Hanged Man. Does not rule any signs but it is associated with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Neptune is wishes and dreams. I have Neptune in Sag in the house ruled by Mars. I truly can see Your wishes and dreams. With my whole Universe. I'm Analyzing Mars, remember??  The Hanged Man means pretty much the same as The Hermit but he is also associated with the South Node. Which means something we need to let go of, something we lean on too much. My South Node is in my house three, the one where we make sense of the World, with My Sun and My Mercury. I Know My Self and the way I communicate so well, that I truly am here to help You while I focus on My North Node, finding my Twin Flame


XIII Death. This number and this card scare people so much. It shouldn't. It rules Scorpio who is also ruled by Pluto. Yes, Pluto again. It means transformation. The Death card means letting go of old and making room for new.  Scorpio means I Desire and we all desire change, don't we?? This is why I don't believe we have to die. My Scorpio is my twelfth house, at the end of my birth chart wheel, it's something I use to keep secret but I can't anymore, the World is waking up; the birth chart wheel is a circle and I Desire Change. AND my first house is Sag, seeing dreams. There is no thirteen in that wheel


XIV Temperance. Rules Sagittarius who is also ruled by Jupiter.  Are we catching on to how these all come together??  Sagittarius means I See and Temperance of course means patience. I have Neptune in Sag and I Analyze Jupiter. This is why I'm so patient. I really do Think too much and I really can Analyze those dreams


⊕  Tarot cards XV-XXI : Originally posted February 15, 2016  ⊕

7:35 am

XV The Devil. He rules Capricorn who is also ruled by Saturn. Capricorn means I Use and Saturn is the way we understand others. Humans really are our devils. And I've talked about those Capricorns, they can be good and they can be bad. The Devil card is associated with addiction, controlling relationships and that asteroid Pan. Yes, all we have learned so far, has brought us to this. Do You have the Strength to be the Captain of Your Soul, the Master of Your Fate??   I Think I Have a pretty good chance, I have Saturn in Virgo, I Analyze the Devil


XVI The Tower will bring it. It's meaning "The Truth Shall Set You Free"

It does not rule any signs but it is associated with Mars, ruler of Aries. My Mars is Virgo, I Analyze it with my first house, Seeing Dreams. And what do I have in Aries??? Eros, the cupid. I can't forget that Plato described cupid as chaos, just like this card can be described as. Yes, I really am the Truth


XVII The Star, the number one reason 17 is so Lucky for me, it rules Aquarius, My Sun. My Self. Everything that makes me ME. All these cards have been a part of me some how. Now I know why I'm so special. First, The Star means Hope. Oh, that's Me. We are ruled by Uranus, go ahead and laugh. That's the point, Aquarius like to make people laugh, what better way to start by naming our planet something that makes EVERYONE giggle, right??  Uranus means chance, changes and goals. We definitely Hope for that. And that symbol we are represented by, they are not water waves, they are energy. We are an Air sign, not water. So why are we called the water-bearers?? I'm not sure about the other Aquarius I Know but I have two asteroids in Aries. Asteroids have ice that can be made into water and we can live on them. And it's pretty cool that I live on top of a mountain with some really awesome well water. Anyway, us Aquarius are so unique and special because we really are a shooting star, here to make someone's wishes and dreams come true


XVIII The Moon, rules Cancer but in Tarot, it's associated with Venus, Cancer was VII, The Chariot, remember??  I like to think it's associated with Lilith also, the dark side of the Moon. The Moon card does represent deceit in some way and that there is more going on than meets the eye. But not for me, I Analyze Lilith, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, I Have and I Think with the Moon and I See the whole Universe's wishes and dreams


XIX The Sun, who rules Leo, but not in Tarot, Leo was Strength. In Tarot, it means positive things. Happiness. I said before, I have happiness with My Self, I really do have all these things inside me. The Sun is Fire. My Fire is Neptune in Sag, Eros and Ceres in Aries and my Leo Will to find my Twin Flame and prove that Love is all we need, we are all Magicians. And Karma once again is following ME.....


XIX Judgement, does not rule any signs either, it's associated with Pluto, transformation. That article I shared on Karma fits this one better than number X but only because this is Karma's final stage. And don't forget, I Balance Pluto in my eleventh house of friendship, where we take chances and make changes. Judgement means "as you sow, so shall you reap." It is also known as Rejuvenation. This is time to start over because.........


XXI The World  This card rules Saturn. The ruler of Capricorn, the way we understand others, our chance to be good again. And have you counted how many cards are left?? (You need four Jokers to represent the Pages but we don't really need them, they almost mean the same as the Ace). This is why I do have the World and can help you, yes, there are 56 left. This is why I don't have a crystal ball either, it's all in ME. But I can get one if it makes you feel better. Have you looked at those cards yet??  Go ahead.....give me a regular deck of playing cards, I can tell you your future with them too if you want


ψ  A Quick Guide  ψ

0 The Fool


I The Magician - an old soul


II The High Priestess - Pisces- My Venus and Psyche


III The Empress - Venus


IV The Emperor - Aries - My Eros and Ceres


V The Heirophant - Taurus - One of My Moons and My Vesta


VI The Lovers - Gemini - My other Moon


VII The Chariot - Cancer


VIII Strength - Leo - My North Node


IX The Hermit - Virgo - My Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Lilith


X The Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter


XI Justice - Libra - My Pluto


XII The Hanged Man - Neptune ?South Node - My Sun and Mercury


XIII Death - Scorpio - My Uranus


XIV Temperance - Sagittarius - My Neptune


XV The Devil - Capricorn


XVI The Tower - Mars


XVII The Star - Aquarius - My Sun


XVIII The Moon - Venus ?Lilith


XIX The Sun


XX Judgement - Pluto


XXI The World


ψ  ME : Originally posted February 21, 2016  ψ

7:40 am   I was going to nap but decided that I wanted to finally write this, I've been thinking about it. All three pictures are things I made while in barber school. The Keywords are the most basic description of me in order from house 1 to house 12. See the symbol for Earth?? It's the four quadrants of the astrological birth chart. The first house is who you are born as, also known as the ascendant and can only be found by knowing what time you were born. The third pic is my birth chart with just the other planet symbols


The ascendant changes every hour because of the Earth's rotation. The ascendant is your basic core values, the way you represent yourself and is supposedly where most of your physical traits come from. Mine is Sag., I'm tall for sure but I think I have more Pisces and Virgo physical traits. I'm definitely a free spirit with lots of energy tho. And I was born with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, My Venus. Sag means I See, Neptune means Wishes and Dreams. Not just mine, the whole Earths because opposing me is the Moon


I also have My Sun and Mercury in the first quadrant, in Aquarius. Aquarius means I Know, the Sun represents My Self and Mercury represents the way I communicate. Oh yes, I was born Knowing My Self and the way I communicate


The second quadrant represents relationships, creativity and self-expression. My Pisces Venus and My Psyche are here. Pisces means I Believe, Venus is the womans heart, my morals and the way to get a Believing in My Self. Along with My Aries Eros and Ceres. Believing that I Am Love and Nurturing. AND....I have half a Moon here, in Taurus. Which means I Have. I do Believe in My Self and have what I need because I was born with it


The third quadrant is our ambition and what leads us to our goal. The only thing I have here, is My Gemini Moon. Gemini means I Think, the Moon represents my Mind. I truly am thinking about Earth with My Moon


And in the fourth quadrant, the quadrant representing Society, I have a whole lot of planets. That's why I can be anything you want. My Public house in Virgo, the Unicorn, Virgo meaning I Analyze. In the fourth quad., I have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Lilith (the dark side of the Moon, on the opposite side of My Moon), Pluto and Uranus. I really am energy. I really am a dream come true, here to help you. That's why I can be anything you want, you're not suppose to be scared of ME. I Am Love and I Have many ways to express it so that I can help you and help save this Earth and just maybe, then we can Live Forever. Seriously, how much of history as we know it, is Real?? How many times are we going to fuck up before we finally Believe in something different and truly Love Our Selves, Each Other and this Planet??

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