My New Tarot Story


The Beginning

For me, I believe it's every day. That every day is a chance to start over and make a better future. I was born at a very special time and place. My grandparents built a home on Bald Top in Pennsylvania and raised my brother and I here. They took us to church every Sunday

My Story

I studied and was tested on the bible. I still have the one that was given to me when I graduated Catechism lessons. Then I moved in with my mom in my early teens and stopped attending. I never liked being preached someone else's opinion on that book. It's a good book but written well after the stories happened. How many of them are true ?? And how long ago was it really ?? In my church, I learned more about real life and how to interpret that book for myself, to live the life I want and be free. While following what I felt was most important. LOVE. I can't remember if my mom gave me her tarot cards or if I found them but once they were in my hands, I knew they were the answer for me. I have spent the rest of my life studying humans, astrology and love. Now I'm going to tell a new story because I truly believe that we are all Gods and we have the power to make life what we want. And I'm going to let you compare my old journey to my new one with me.

The 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards


0 The Fool

The first trump card in the Tarot story

Described as a soul taking a leap into the unknown. I spent months contacting the Indian girl who jumped off of Lovers Leap. I wanted to know if it was worth it for her. She died for True Love. I thought about her most of my life, ever since I was first told of the story. And for the last two years or so, it's all I've wanted and have been searching for. I'm tired of being a single career woman, it's not my dream or what I want. Little did I know that I was sick, had tumors and was easily possessed by spirits and other humans. Even after having the tumors removed and using healing stones, I still couldn't release all of them. So I went to Lovers Leap, Monday July 11, 2015. After delivering papers, I hiked up there with the thought of meditating for awhile. But as I stood at the top, looking down, taking pics, I changed my mind.





0 The Fool Continued....

I don't remember much from there. I barely remembering driving home and just knowing that there was something wrong with my blood. I had to be a barber for a reason and it was the only thing I learned while there, bloodletting. The rest of my time was spent doing everyone's birth charts, interpreting dreams and relearning everything I was trying to forget since I went to Penn Tech (about ten years before). Lovers Leap is right down from a former barber shop, where my elementary best friend grew up. I had to do what I did, that Delaware Indian girl helped me save myself. She knew it was time for me to go where I had been thinking of going and I had to loose that old blood. I took my leap just like the Fool and the Indian helped make sure that I didn't die......


1 The Magician

I'm finally adding another chapter. It's been awhile. Almost a year. The Magician is described as "Master of My Fate, Captain of My Soul." Couldn't be more fitting with my idea that we are all Gods. I'm a Magician and I was losing faith. I didn't think there was anyone like me and that I was alone. But after cutting myself (bloodletting) and getting locked up, I found someone just like me. Michael from Connecticut. Right here in my home town, in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, USA. He didn't like to talk tho. But we sure did feel each other....he told me so not longer after I got there. He actually looked in my eyes and made me notice him, while telling me that he could feel me and it made him sad. Then he didn't talk to me for several days. We showed each other, and anyone who was paying attention, just how special we were and how much we could help others, just by knowing what they were feeling. He mostly helped me while I helped everyone else but he did start talking to people and being nice. He started out as a hermit and didn't know how to talk nicely. The day I left however, he was smiling and having conversations with several people.


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1 The Magician continued

I often wonder why he stayed in the hospital and later went back to Connecticut but I'm glad so I guess it doesn't really matter. He showed me what I was looking for, we showed each other how awesome we both are and we both left that place feeling much more optimistic about our lives and the paths we have chosen. I was able to move on with my life and find a better future than the one waiting for me here. After all, I'm a High Priestess also, Major Arcana 2. Most often known as Pisces; my Venus, my Heart and my Psyche; my mind, body and soul. I relate to her way more than I do the Aquarius, my Sun. Even the Empress, Major Arcana 3, the Mother, I relate to her more as well.

The High Priestess is interpreted as following your intuition because there is more going on than you know. Which of course fits the situation also.....I had absolutely no clue what was in store for me but I went with my instincts and my spirituality (as this card also says to spiritual and seek more knowledge). The Empress, the mother, I have Ceres in Aries. The asteroid representing mothering, nurturing and in my opinion, the Empress. Aries means I Am. I have always been called the mom in my friends....I can't help my motherly instincts and caring for others. And of's all I want to be more than anything. A mom to more beautiful babies and an awesome man  :))

Next Steps...

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