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I did not listen to "Sweat Leaf" this morning. SoundHound threw that one in. I'm listening to it now, I'm not sure if I ever listened to this one before but I do know I've heard it. This morning, I was thinking about how Lucky I am. When I went to the SalVal the other day, I found some good stuff. The Danville store gets a truck every day, they say it comes from New York. They definitely have some good treasures if you take your time and know where to look. The other day, I found a coat for my daughter. She needed a new one, she just keeps getting longer and taller. It looks like mine but is a longer style, what she likes and the hood has cheetah print inside. I'm a little jealous, it's nicer and newer than mine. I found four shirts for me that were $1-2, great deals. Would you believe that I actually bought two white ones?!?! They are really cute and I think I should be wearing white considering.... Hopefully I will not get food on them. I also found a two toned green striped shirt. Just like those cute boys that were on Blues Clues when my daughter watched it many years ago. So cool. The BEST find tho, was sticking out of the row as if someone looked at it and didn't push it back in. The racks were stuffed that morning. I saw it and it was immediately mine. For $2, you can't find a shirt like this around here....I'm so lucky. It says Love and Dream and Rock N Roll and's now one of my fav shirts, even tho I don't like bows


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"Reality Bites"


Love that movie. I watched it when it came out and loved it. Watched it again within the last few years and still loved it. I love that the radio played a song from that movie for me this morning. Yesterday was the birthday of a guy I was really good friends with, MP. Just friends. We hardly ever touched but we talked a lot. I met him at one of my gas station jobs. We worked together, had a mutual friend and partied together. Him and I picked out the house we rented in Bloomsburg, not long after I walked away from my dealer friends down south. I lived there for seven months with him and several other guys. All just friends. No fucking up the living situation. We partied a lot and had the best, biggest birthday party I ever had, my 20th. Fun, fun times. He introduced me to Monty Python, Les Claypool, Clutch, Acidbath, a different kind of music and a different World. He taught me how to see the masks that people wear and how to see things that others don't. He showed me reality and reality sure does bite, doesn't it??


One night, he asked me for an idea of something to draw. I asked him to draw me a tattoo. I love my 'tramp stamp' but I don't like where the tattoo guy placed it. Alex doesn't either, he's thinking about how to make it look better because we do love the design. MP has married a girl who lives down the road. We use to ride the bus together but she doesn't like me so I'm not friends with him any more but I think it's great that he lives right down the road and is still friends with people I went to school with. He's not from around here


I had a tough time finding music again this morning. Rain sucks. "Uptown Funk" makes me think of barber school. I hate the version of "When Doves Cry" on Spotify but Prince is tight with sharing. He doesn't. It's my fav Prince song and his played on Hart Road, I have to add it. "Secrets" played in Magic Valley.....hmmm. I don't care much for "Stereo Hearts" but the radio is playing for me and keeping my heart beating. "Riptide" I listened to a lot in barber school, I'm definitely in love with that song.


Saturday evening I watched The Otherworld by Richard Stanley. I was enthralled. I want to go to all those places. They mention Jan 17 being important, there are seven gates to Hell and something important happened in May 1981. I want to meet Urainie and Jaap and I definitely want to walk on that elf bridge


Last night I watched an episode of How the Universe Works. On asteroids. I was blown away. I never knew so much about them but I knew they were important in birth charts. The word orignated in Greece 1795-1805 and means starlike. Hmmm.....Aquarius is the water-bearer in astrology and the Star in tarot. I have the asteroids Eros and Ceres in Aries, which means I Am. And here on Earth, I live on top of a mountain with a really awesome well and delicious, cold water. Earth is going to Hell. We are killing her and we need water. Centralia is on fire, where else have we fucked up?? I love this shows idea of making colonies on asteroids and floating around in the Universe. I've dreamed about being out there and seeing the planets up close. Wouldn't that be awesome?? Let's dream about that and make it happen. Until then, let's enjoy Earth's treasures while they are still here   <3


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I still hear my mom telling me to stop saying I forget things. Well that's one of the reasons why I'm writing my journals and this, so the whole Universe can help me remember. Madonna came to me like most of my music, over the radio at night, when I couldn't sleep in my bunkbed; in the room that my daughter and I now share as a closet. A few years later, I got to know the woman thru Mtv. Damn I loved those days, music videos were awesome. One of my fav and the only one I can think of right now is "Learning to Fly" because I would jump around on the couch and chairs pretending to fly. My mom would get so mad. Anyway, look at Madonna now. Of course I love her and admire her, her music the most
I talked once about last Halloween, 2014. I dressed as Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time. I have the red jacket, black leggings, black boots, I even found a gold necklace with a gold hoop like hers. And yea, I bought a blonde wig. i was first to get in my class room and when my classmate Angel the Capricorn, who is from near Centralia (and yea, that's his real name), when he came in, he whistled and said something about me looking all sexy like Madonna. Even tho he didn't know who I was, no one did, he totally made my day
I sold that blonde wig tho because I'm too pale and Irish, I make a better red head. The girl I sold it to is awesome. I love her. She is beautiful, smart, confident and really cool. I will never forget what she did for me one day and I just bet it happened because I'm writing it now. Just like that ferret my uncle brought here a few years ago already had a name. And have you seen that company?? They sell things that are ferret like, right?? Or am I crazy??
I was sitting in my barber chair one day last winter, with tears in my eyes. My new BF and classmate, K.D. the Taurus, was not there that day and I missed her awful bad. I was surrounded by the guys and my Devil was being really bad. I almost burst out bawling, right there in the middle of the room, in front of all my classmates; when L walked in. She came right over to me, gave me a really big hug, said "it will be ok" and she walked out of the room and back downstairs. She made my day and she looks really good in that blonde wig
So how about you?? Are you writing anything down?? Are you making yourself a Star??
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