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Full Moon Weekend

8:35 pm I want to start by touching on my last post a little, 'can you change a narcissist' ?? I hope no one thought it meant my mom was healed or cured or whatever. She still has her moments. Like Friday. What a day that was. My daughter finally said she was ready to go to the Millville carnival so we all got in my car to go. My mom bitched about my driving as soon as I pulled out of the driveway. She didn't like that I pulled out and went down the back road. She thinks I'm scraping my car and should be turning around at the intersection. Then she continued to talk and bitch the whole way there. So much that I turned the wrong way, went by McDonald's and headed towards Washingtonville. We went on out that way tho and it seems to be quicker than going over the hills so I will probably go that way more often now. And what a waste, the carnival didn't even open yet. Ugh.

Later, my aunt came over so then we made her drive. By then, I had a visitor stop by and give me some bud. Oh that was nice. I felt so much better and it was so much easier dealing with my mom. That ride was great. My daughter and I sat in back with ear plugs in and the older ladies sat up front talking. Then, at the carnival, my daughter and I walked around by ourselves a little, got rained on and ran into them. It poured for about ten minutes. Felt like the longest ten minutes ever. Then my brother and his boys showed up. Much better after that. And we didn't stay much longer. I ate a lot, fresh cut fries loaded with vinegar and salt, raspberry ice cream and an apple dumpling to go.

Saturday my daughter and I went to a fundraiser thing to sell some clothes and jewelry. But not many people showed up. By the time we left, others told us there was too much going on in other towns that day, no one expected it to be that slow. We sold a few books and stuff, made just enough money to eat and get drinks. Boo. I'm still extremely poor. Only one person is making me money on this blog. I'm not suppose to ask people to click on my ads, but fuck google, I want to make money and most of you are not aware that the only way I can is if you click on those ads. You don't have to buy anything, just click on them. Please. And please check out my shop. Share it for me too please. Help me get some business because Facebook does not want to help and they keep people from seeing my posts. They want my money for ads and I refuse to pay. I have not talked to anyone who says that Facebook ads actually helped, quite the opposite, everyone I have talked to says it's a waste of money.

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So yeah, we picked up another kitten. Killian and Amelia's brother. We named him Jasper. My daughter wanted to name him something to do with the ocean since he has such blue eyes. I immediately thought of ocean jasper, the stone. He has similar colors to some of it. So we agreed on Jasper. At first he was really scared, getting a bath and then meeting the dogs must have been quite a lot. He seemed pretty happy to be with his siblings, even tho he was afraid to play with them at first. After a couple hours tho, he was in there wrestling with them so much that I almost had to split them up from hurting each other. And today the poor guy has a sore eye. I don't know what he got into but it was all dirty and red a little bit ago. He's more of an explorer than Amelia, we can't even find him half the time. Nor has he picked who he likes more. Amelia loves my daughter, Killian loves me. Jasper is still deciding. My mom thinks she's going to steal him. HAha. She has owned many Siamese, even two full bred ones, this one is ours. Well, I can't think of anything else to write. Just please share my shop items and help me make some money, I really don't want to go work at McDonald's but I'm going to have to if business doesn't pick up soon. I got bills to pay.

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