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11:54 pm I Love them. Most of them. Some are strange. Today I woke up about ten minutes before my daughter and her friend came back from swimming. Her friends mom wanted to see the kittens. Found out that my daughters friend has an Irish twin brother, Donny. How awesome is that ??

look soul

I have to write about something else now, My Donnie makes me dreamy. I definitely thought about the Piano Man the other night. I had fun. Laughed a whole lot. He's been thinking about Me. And so has Scorpio Ryan. Ryan was mad that I wrote about him again, he hasn't stalked me and has kept me blocked. But he's back. I feel him. Plus, I picked up an Uber rider the other night named Ryan. He had an accent and four people with him. He sat in front, the rest in the back. They sang the whole trip, thanking me for being there. Yes, they were intoxicated. It was fun. They tipped me as much as Uber would allow, which was double what they paid for the ride.

Haven't read my blog before ?? That's ok. If you go to my website (linked below) and watch the picture slideshow while listening to the music player, You will most likely get my message. Or you can click on some of the categories and read more about a certain subject.


I'm helping awaken humans. Now is the time to understand and use Your power. We are here to save ourselves, other humans and Mother Earth. Raise Your vibration, Believe that We, the Human Race, have the power to stand up to the elite, the powerful and take back our Home. We have to stop allowing our food to be grown with chemicals where there are so many natural ways of protecting our food. We Are what we eat. Let's make it healthy again, our food and our selves. Mostly Mother Earth. Believe In Yourself and Be the Good that Mother Earth Needs. Love is the highest vibration, "God" is LOVE

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Real Life Dreams

6:42 am    I started this the other day, immediately after the last one but couldn't decide what all I wanted to talk about. I titled it and left it blank while I thought about it. I'm so glad I did. I think I have mentioned that my dreams have been really strange and fucked up, right ?? Well, the other night, I finally decided to make my own sleep mask. The ones I've been using are getting old and stretched out. I haven't even been using them. I had been thinking about it for awhile, trying to decide what crystals I was going to put on it, over my third eye. I have been trying for a really long time to figure out which one to use. First I tried all the suggested ones for your third eye but of course had no luck. You wonder why ?? Because most of them are Aquarius and Pisces stones. They are my Sun, Mercury, Venus and Psyche. Aquarius meaning I Know and Pisces meaning I Believe. AND....both are my South Node. The things I know and use too much. I finally decided that Tigers Eye is going to be my third eye stone for my headdress. I'm thinking and hoping this is the final one. I've made I think five already, only to tear them up and start over. But the Tigers Eye wasn't working for dreams. Well, the other night, it finally dawned on me, duh, of course I should be using stones for my Moon signs. The Moon is your mind and dreams are in your mind. Well, I hit the jackpot. I picked the perfect stones.....


FullSizeRender (64)

I cut a piece from a scarf that I intended on making something with. It's the perfect material, so soft. I'm going to pull out my twenty dollar sewing machine later and hope it's strong enough to sew the velcro on. It's pinned on with safety pins right now and they hurt my head when I'm sleeping. I wish I could remember what night I made it and started wearing it. Tuesday or Wednesday night. And my dreams have been magnificent. Still weird but that's not unusual, the weird parts are what tell me to look up and pay attention to. Woo hoo.....MY prophetic dreams are back !! (the stones are Green Jade, Bloodstone, Malachite, Peridot, Red Jasper and Lapis Lazuli)

Which is why I choose the title I did for this. My dreams are Real and tell me the future. For me AND my loved ones. So Thursday morning, I was dreaming that I was back at Penn Tech. The college I went to about 12 years ago. I was even in class sitting next to a guy who looked just like the kid I sat next to in one of my computer programming classes back then. On break, I went for a walk around campus, which was more like a mall, found a bathroom and puked my guts out. It was so disgusting, I will spare you the details on how gross. Thankfully there was a shower in there because I puked on my lower legs as well and was so glad I was wearing a short dress. I was horrified when I woke up. But then I googled what it means to dream of vomiting. Of course, it means rejecting something. All I could think was my mother. I mean, after the day we had Wednesday, with her trying to tell me what she thinks I should do with my life, I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Thursday, my dog had to go get a booster shot. Of course my mom made the appointment since she had to drive. And as usual, she scheduled it around lunch time and had to drive thru traffic. Grr....and I will keep that visit out for now, I'm super pissed about the place I was forced to go and it's a long story for another day. After taking my dog back home, I was talked into going to a yard sale with her. She's been bugging me to go for almost a week. A huge one that is run by the ARC, Animal Rescue Center. Our local pet rescue. Every summer they do this, all summer long. They take donations and keep all the proceeds for the shelter. This year, they are taking up the entire grandstand at the Bloomsburg fairgrounds. The place is full and getting packed. Did I tell you that she, my mother, told me the other day that she didn't have enough money to help me pay my car on time ?? I knew she was lying. Going down the hill yesterday, she told me that she needed to stop for gas, then we would stop for a Dunkin coffee for me and then she says we will stop at the bank so she can give me money for my car  😮

Oh, yeah, I had a hard time keeping my cool after that. Of course I had to, she was handing me money and taking me shopping. Even tho I wasn't happy about going there, definitely not with her. And of course, she started out walking with me. I was getting so frustrated, she kept pointing out shit and saying, don't you need that or want that ?? As if I'm the blind one and can't see this shit. I was so fucking happy when she announced that she had to pee and would have to go find a bathroom. She was gone for so long that I was almost done going thru the place when she finally got back. She had to walk all the way to the other side of the fairgrounds to find an open bathroom. HAHAHA. It was nice to get to shop in peace and look for things that I want. I almost screamed when I found this....


FullSizeRender (61)

Volunteers put stuff out on the tables and they obviously had no idea what this is really worth. The first couple tables inside the door are things that are priced and worth money, the rest goes in bags and you pay per bag. This ended up being $1, my grand total $21, the price I would pay for just this brand new  😀

The last thing I remember her pointing out and trying to get me was a fucking throw rug. Apparently she's still pissed that I tore out all my carpet and refuse to have any. Just like she can't even remember that I have allergies. On the way to this place, she noticed the big ass zit on my face and asked if it was a hive. When I said no, it's a zit, she said 'yeah, I didn't think you got hives.' What the fuck is wrong with this woman ?? She's already forgotten that I had an allergy test one year ago and am extremely allergic to cats, dogs and dust so yes, I do get hives, lots of them. Not to mention that I need more testing done yet because I almost stopped breathing from an asthma attack after SHE cleaned my entire house with chemicals !!!

GRRRRR....anyway, the featured pic at the top is the stuff I got that I really love. I got plenty more, including a whole bunch of rings to make dream catchers with  🙂

I was so relieved by the time we got home. All I could think was that it was hopefully the last time I will have to ride with her or get money from her. Do I feel bad about taking her money ?? HELL NO. She is the one who jinxed me three days after I got out of the psyche ward, on the way to my first group therapy appointment. She said not to be surprised if the doctor makes me go to neurology and wait six months for my license. And look what happened. My bitch doctor refused to help me, forced me to find a neurologist and wait. And remember, that neurologist agreed with the DMV, any one of my doctors could have filled out that seizure form. But they all said no or ignored me. Except my psychiatrists of course but they were not allowed to fill out that one. They were more than willing to. But like I said, my mom jinxed me. My very own mother. One of the reasons I love my Bloodstone so much. It protects you from black magick and that woman is definitely black magick.

My dream this morning proved it. She invaded my dreams again. Showed up in a new house to take me somewhere. Going down the road however, the roads were flooding. Everything was flooding, it was getting crazy. So she turned around and flew back to that house, my new house. I was pissed and yelling at her to slow down so I could take pictures. She said 'no, that's what the news is for.' I yelled back 'well duh, they get their pictures and videos from stupid people out in it like us.' She didn't say a word after that but still sped back to that house. When we got there, she walked down stairs, so I followed. Turned out she was going to the basement to hang her coat up and I decided to grab that door, slam it shut and lock her in. HAHAHA. So what does all that mean ?? The flooding means that she is the one causing me so much stress and turmoil. Of course. Us talking about the news means that I'm right about sharing all this and helping others, some one has to do it. And me locking her in the basement, well that was me shutting her out of my mind, my emotions and my life.

So really now, who wants to try telling me that dreams are just dreams again ?? I'm tired of hearing it. Dreams are real and they are guides. Even the Indians believe it and have for a very long fucking time. Don't you know where dream catchers originated and why ?? Look it up....Ojibwe Indians....

FullSizeRender (62)
FullSizeRender (63)

I finally re-learned how to wrap a stone with macrame and wrapped my white agate so that I can tie it to my hand and not lose it while I'm sleeping. I have also been holding one of my green aventurine with the agate, in my left. Why my left ?? I'm right handed, which means my right is my giving hand and my left my receiving. I want everything I receive to be cleansed and pure. I also want money and adventure  😀

As for the rest of you, I've told you and told you that I do not want to talk about this shit. When are you going to learn that I live for the future ?? I dream about the future, I want the future and I want it now. I wanted it years ago and I'm real sick of talking about my past and my feelings just so you can understand. No, it does not make me feel better. That's why I write this blog, I get it out, say what I need to without being asked questions or persuaded into thinking differently. NO. This is MY LIFE. If you truly respect me and care about me, give me my space like I asked and butt out. Stop forcing me to hide on Facebook.  I can't enjoy it if you are all emailing me the very second I log on wanting to talk, when I'm there to scroll or find shit, not talk.  I Know what I want, I Know how I feel and I definitely know who is against me. Another reason I don't feel bad about taking my mothers money right now. My brother and I both told her to stay at her job three more years because she would get a significant amount of more money from the government. But no, she just had to leave. She knew I was going back to school full time and would need help but she didn't care, she could only think about herself. And it hurt my life so much......because she has been here, thinking about how much she wants me to stay here and be her little girl forever and do whatever she wants. With my life and MY House. long she feels that way and continues to keep me from finding true love, then I will be a child and she can keep paying my bills. HAHAHA

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“You Got It (the Right Stuff)”

8:22 am    Yes, New Kids on the Block. Is the song stuck in your head now ?? Hehe. It has been in mine. My mom gave me that for Mother's Day (it's a key chain). It was mine when I was a teen and in love with the New Kids. Oh yeah, they were awesome. I was crazy about Joey. I believe that was my last celebrity crush before turning to Real boys. I thought it was an odd gift but it is a good message. The woman is trying to help me now, sometimes. She's been looking for and buying me stuff to make. She's still trying to find hoops for dream catchers even. But I'm in no hurry to get more supplies. I have to sell what I've already made and get more stones (and she has no idea how to tell the difference between stones and plastic nor gets what the big deal is). And I'm waiting till I have enough money to purchase a whole bunch from one supplier so I can get discounted shipping. I need a lot more stones....I'm getting low on several and need some that I haven't purchased yet. I have some customers who want pink ones and I never bought any, I don't like pink. Haha. I need some too tho, they are good for Virgo and I have so much Virgo in me.

Well, I have been reading up on blogging, now that I have over 10,000 views, I have more options for advertising and making money. So many of these articles talk about finding one thing to write about and something that people are interested in. It got me thinking, again, am I writing about too many things ?? I've decided that no, I am not. First of all, look at how many people read and praise the Bible. It's all about one guy that is supposedly very special. Ok, he was. But if you read it and understand it the way I have, you would know that he was trying to help us be just like him. A Magician, a God. He shared Love and wanted peace. Don't try to change my mind either. If you haven't read yet, I grew up on the Bible and went to church every Sunday until my teens. I was given a Bible at what we called Catechism. Look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about. I use that book to keep a few special notes in and to press my four leaf clovers. Some people would be shocked and upset by that but I don't give a fuck, it's mine to do what I want with. So anyway, yeah I'm writing about my life and I have categories so if you don't want to read all of it, you can choose to read about Healing Stones, my Dreams or just my narcissist mother. Or you can read it all. I don't give a fuck, I have enough followers that I'm going to "keep on keeping on." Haha

I've been wanting to talk about my 'dreams' lately. Or am I astral projecting ?? In my mind, it's all the same. You call it what you want. The last week has been amazing. I have been sleeping with some different stones and I'm not sure which one is helping the most so I'm going to share them all. First, I wear two necklaces, always, even in the shower (they have to be cleansed often, especially when I go out in public so it's easiest to do while cleansing myself). I'm not telling you all the stones on them, it's a lot but I will share a pic. If you really want to know any in particular, email or comment at the end and I will tell you....

FullSizeRender (54)

I get asked if they are heavy. Well, I don't think so. Wearing them makes me feel safe and relaxed, I don't notice the weight. I do want to mention that the pentagram with fleur de lis is new and I absolutely Love it. Got it from Ebay of course. I think it's helping a lot, with 'dreams' and Real Life. Even the Scorpio says it's really good protection but he doesn't like pentagrams. I also want to mention the ones at the very bottom. Here's a close up first.....

FullSizeRender (55)

A cool hippy lady shared some info on Indian beliefs about wearing clear crystals and where. They call the spot your Spiritual Plexus. New one for me and I Love it. The book pages she shared also explained why there and which way to wear the crystal. The Spiritual Plexus is the best spot for protection and if the crystal is upside down, it will cause blockages in the Throat Chakra. The Spiritual Plexus is located between the Solar and Sacral, at the end of your breast bone. The Quartz should be flat side up with points down in order to Earth your energy. The top, flat end should be free with nothing over it so that it can breathe. I did this a couple days ago and I feel a huge difference, especially in my throat (I have asthma and allergies real bad). And if you're curious, my Quartz is next to Malachite, red Jasper and Kambaba Jasper. I paid a lot for that Kambaba Jasper. I thought I was ordering 7 or 8 pieces but only got 2. Definitely worth it tho, the energy is amazing and it feels perfect right there on my Spiritual Plexus.

Now to quickly share the stones I've been holding while I sleep. And wearing. First is my Rose. She's awesome. Back when I was surrounded by Hell and Boston was staying next door, I took every chance I could to get away from here. My good friend who is also like a mom to me, invited me camping where there is a huge flea market. I was so surprised and delighted to find a stone table. It was the first one we saw and walked up to. I had been looking for a Rose Quartz and was ecstatic to find one shaped like a heart. Of course I bought it.....

FullSizeRender (59)

Next is my white agate worry stone. Yeah, I thought it was Selenite for a long time. Silly me. Selenite is too soft, it can not be polished like that. I have been holding it in my left hand and it feels so amazing. Agate balances, cleanses, enhances mental functions, improves concentration and perception, calms, makes you feel protected and heals tension. And the best part, white agate is said to be the ultimate pregnancy stone. Yippee.....

FullSizeRender (58)

In my right, I hold my peacock ore. I LOVE this stone. One of the several that I keep near me almost always. I hate purses but lately, when I leave the house, I carry one with a few special stones, including this one and my Rose. I kept losing the peacock ore in bed tho. For days at a time. My sheets are black, my comforter purple and black. It was upsetting so I attempted to wrap it in a heart shape but since I'm new to wrapping, I didn't do the best job. I added a chain and a key ring so that I can wear it and now I don't lose it.....

FullSizeRender (56)

Last but definitely not least.....another fave. It's my two fave colors. Neon green and purple. It's called Atlantisite. It is a mix of Serpentine and Stichtite. I had no idea what it was when I found it in some jewelry at that flea market my friend took me to. And I have her to thank for finding it, I somehow overlooked it. And it was real cheap, I think one dollar. That lady had no idea what she had either (I also got that green Jade pendant on my necklace above from her, just as cheap). It was glued to some clip or something, I don't remember because my friend's man melted it off for me, I knew the stone couldn't breathe and didn't like it. I was so excited to learn that it is a great stone for your heart and lungs. I definitely need that, most of my issues are because I have swollen lymph nodes inside my lungs. This stone definitely helps me breathe better. It is also known as a Guardian stone and helps protect you, your loved ones and your home. So freaking awesome......

FullSizeRender (57)

oh yes, those little dots are purple  :))

And there you have it folks. These are the stones giving me wonderful, intense 'dreams' lately. I can't wait to find the one that will let me 'dream' of Donny again. It's been a little while and I miss those. Especially the kissing. I would wake up with my lips tingling, the 'dreams' of him feel so real and amazing  :))

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Astral Projection Terms

5:48 pm I was thinking about writing more on astral projection, now I am for sure that I'm going to. That's the basis of all this: my life, my dreams and what makes me ME. Just look at my business card, isn't it awesome ?? I have been writing about my dreams the whole time. Fighting with people over it for a couple years now and making a whole bunch of new friends. I've been possessed and pushed to be ME and write my blog. Hell, my first post on here, in my inspiration blog, was about making yourself a star and writing Your own book of life. Your life. And right now I'm a bit pissed off because someone tried to tell me that I'm dreaming right now. Get Real buddy. I am very fully awake right now and I'm here to help. As someone else commented on another post awhile back, we are here to save Mother Earth, Gaia, and help bring her to 5D. You are the one dreaming buddy, your words proved that you are selfish and don't care about humanity. So thank you for helping me write this. And thank you to the woman who is debating over lucid and vivid dreams with me right now. Even tho I'm pretty sure she is getting pissed, I am having fun and learning how others think.

So, who cares what lucid and vivid mean to you, they are just labels. Labels to explain things we don't quite understand but want to talk about. She thinks I have the labels backwards, I don't. To me, if a dream is lucid, I know that I am dreaming and completely aware but....I can not do anything about what is going on, it is happening and I have to watch. But for some, that is what they called vivid. I feel that vivid is when you aware that you are lucid dreaming and take control, making it vivid. Is it all making sense ?? Who really cares ?? The whole point is to be aware that you can take control of dreams, you can make them what you want. Dreams are controlled by your subconscious, your mind, you have the power to change it. It doesn't matter what you call it, it's still the same.

Now for the big question, what is astral projection ?? Same with the lucid and vivid labels, who really cares ?? It's the ability to control your dreams, know that you are dreaming and know that you are having what is called an out of body experience. Also known as OBE. I've been saying it my whole life and will continue to say it, your dreams are showing you the future, you can sit back and take it or you learn to take control and make it what you want. It's really that simple. Too many people think about it too much and try way too hard. You just have to really want it and go for it. And of course don't think about it too much.

How do I know that I'm awake ?? I have a 14 year old daughter who is mad at me right now. I missed her 13th birthday and almost a whole year after, I forgot she was already 13 for a whole year. Anyway, I woke up today about 10 minutes before she came home. I make sure she has something to drink and something healthy to snack on when she gets home. She doesn't always like school food and doesn't eat lunch some days, I make sure she has lots of good stuff at home. Plus my dogs. They make me take them out so many times a day, especially on sunny days like today. They need fed also. And as much as they step on my feet and lick me, I know that I'm awake. When I'm dreaming, I rarely see myself. I don't try to look at myself much, I usually wake up. Some times I see myself when I look in a mirror but most often, I am someone else. It's one of the ways I know how to tell if I'm in someone else's dream or mine. I have said that many times before also, I dream about others more than myself. Well, I use to, the last two years have mostly been about Me.

And I know that I have never been wrong about any of this. Maybe I use the wrong words or labels but I still mean the same thing. My dreams come true, if I want them to. And that leads us to another myth.....that you can't be possessed in Astral. So not fucking true. You absolutely can be. How else can you explain that guy from Boston finding me all the way down here in the middle of PA ?? And then meeting Michael from Connecticut while locked up from the World, right here in Danville, PA ??!??

Nothing is a coincidence, nothing. The biggest way you can be possessed, is when you are not healthy. You have to eat right, drink lots of water and stay fit. Get regular check-ups, women especially, make sure you visit your gyno often and don't hold anything back; they are there to help you, don't lie or hide facts. And when you feel like something is wrong, like I did, do whatever you have to, to make someone listen. Don't sit back and let yourself almost die like I did.

Does meditation help ?? Absolutely. It will teach you to relax, stay calm and learn how to control your mind. In all areas of life, not just with astral projection and dreams, it helps with Everything. You seriously can heal your own body in many ways with meditation. Obviously not with teratoma tumors like I had, mine were killing me no matter what I did. They had to be removed. I like to think and believe that some day my left fallopian tube will grow back but I know that's almost impossible in today's world....but not totally. I'm going to work on it. And I have lots of proof that it was taken out. Way cool.

How else can you be possessed ?? By being weak. But not believing in yourself or your power. Others feed off your negativity and will make you even more weak. Which leads us to some more terms....demons, shadow people, djinn's.....I could go on. But they are all just labels. Labels for spirits. Souls, whether they are alive or dead. I will say this until I die, we are all energy. All of us, even the animals and trees. When you are dreaming, astrally projecting, whatever you want to call it, you are connecting with everyone. Especially if you think about them or they think about you. Like my dream last night, I won't go into details here, it was strange, but it was about my Uncle. I don't think about him but I was told that he has kittens. And I dreamed about that. The weird part was what he was doing to those kittens and how much it represents how I feel about him. So, since someone else talked to me about him and he showed up in my dream, I know that he is thinking about me. And he probably wants to give me something, but not those kittens he has. Does this makes sense and help ?? In my dream, I threw away the other present he gave me, I was mad about the kittens....which tells me that he is not giving them to me but I might be able to go get them if I'm willing to go see him.

Now, my grandpa was in my dream also. He passed in October but in my dream, I was at his house and he was alive. He was a shadow tho. Watching me. We didn't talk but I knew it was him. I've been doing this too long not to know and I have been trying to see the dead for about a year now. I know I can feel them and always have but to see them, that's tough for me. It makes it really hard to communicate with them, especially since I can't hear them either. Which is why I dream about them more than I feel or see them in Real life. So to me, shadow people are the dead who watch over you. If you can see them, they want to tell you something. I have never met a dead soul who wanted to harm anyone. They have, by trying to communicate, but they don't want to. We need to be more open to them, then no one will get hurt. The only souls I have encountered who do mean harm and do cause harm, are living souls. The ones people call Incubus' and Succubus'. They are just labels for souls who cause harm. And in my experience, not just personally either, I'm talking about thousands of real humans whom I have met and talked to also, these souls are Real living humans. Most don't have any idea what they are doing and the ones who do, they are the most evil. They know what they are doing and they can hurt so many other people. These are the Demons. They can disguise themselves as whoever they want and the Devil always appears as everything you wished for.

Don't believe that ?? It's the truth. There is no Devil, just humans disguised as 'him' and doing evil, even if it means pretending to be your biggest wish come true. The Devil is evil energy, presented in humans. That's why I'm an Angel. I'm powerful and I only use my power for good. I even cut my self in order to keep myself from harming others, who were hurting me. I was thinking of doing 'black magick,' which is thinking and causing harm on others, but I didn't want to do that. I am too kind and caring and want to Love everyone.

Now, I think and hope I've covered all the basics. I definitely hope it helps you. I'm tired of writing and you are probably sick of reading. I will write more later. And in case you didn't notice, I started a new category for astral projection, this will be the first post for that category.

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“You can’t buy a house in Heaven”

1:47 pm...... I love that number 147. Too many reasons to list. The title is from "You and I" by Lady Gaga. I fucking Love her so much. "You can't buy a house in Heaven" but you sure can right here on Mother Earth, for now....

I just want to say Good morning. I hardly ever say Good, just morning. I have found that many people are enjoying my blog and my words. So there's a few things I want to mention. First, thank you for reading, I'm smiling for Real. I want to address all the questions about blogging, then dreams. I use with I get asked that a lot. WordPress is rather intimidating and difficult to understand at first. I highly suggest picking your theme first. Find one that you like and offers everything you want, then stick with it. Don't try to format that or change it. It's way too difficult. Then slowly add some widgets to help you make your pages and learn how they work a little at a time. You will get the hang of it. I recommend checking out Matthew Loomis. Google his name, he has an awesome set up on how to make a blog. He will even answer any questions you have. He helped me. For my newbies, I have made three blogs now. This is number three. If I had found Matthew Loomis sooner, I would have only had this one. I do not maintain my older blogs but there are links to them on my main website, That is where I first attempted a blog and will keep that site for as long as I can. If you have any questions about blogging, please do not hesitate to contact me, email or pm on Facebook. Do Not friend request me, just send a message please. I check my message requests often.

I've also been asked about dreams and astral protection a lot. I'm having a tough time answering some of the questions. First of all, I don't normally dream about Me. This is new for me, well, almost two years, dreaming about my life every single night. It started with the possession, explained in an earlier post, titled "First." Very good read, long, but well worth it. Not just for learning more about dreams and what not. It's about how they relate to life as well. To help me prove that I dream about others more than my self. It taught me how to dream for myself and find my Twin Flame. Which is what I want to talk about, how to dream for your self. First, you have to believe in dreams. That they guide us and can help us make a better future. You also have to believe that you can learn to control those dreams by using what is called astral projection. Lucid dreams, in my opinion, are when you remember your dreams but can only watch. That's it, you have no control. Vivid dreams, in my opinion, are the ones that you have the power to take control of and do what is called astral projection. To me, astral projection is being aware that you are dreaming where you are also able to control what happens, to a point.

What are my suggestions on these things. First, learn the difference between lucid and vivid dreams. In the way I explain them. Learn when to recognize that you are dreaming. It will take time if you don't have any of these already happening. Do not expect it to start over night or even in one week. I would say probably at least a month. Ways to do that; look in the mirror, look at a clock, look at your hands; all these things will be different in dreams and you will learn to recognize and tell your self that you are dreaming. You have to also pay attention in Real life. They absolutely relate and if you don't believe so, you should just stop reading this and forget about it now. Want to know what I believe ?? It's been awhile since I've talked about it. I don't know much about Quantum Physics but from what little I do know, I think that's it. We are in a matrix type multi-dimensional World. I've been saying this for a few years and I only believe it more today than I ever have before. We can make our own little World, control what we want to a point. But it takes pure intentions, respect, love and kindness. We are all connected and here to help each other. If we all believe and do what's best for Mother Earth and humans, the World would change dramatically.



A majority of health problems are caused by a bad back

You just have to believe in your self and remember that you can control a lot of what happens to you. Just by being you and having pure intentions. Sure, things will be hard, people will be jealous, some are energy vampires and it can be real tough. I've been asked about meditation and yoga a lot. Yes, it helps. Both help you stay healthy, strong and balanced. You truly can heal yourself from most diseases if you want to, just by meditating and doing yoga. You can also hurt others just by thinking about them. Thinking about someone sends out an energy to the universe, to others, to that person. If it hurts them, you should stop. You will know. You will be given signs. You will be able to dream about them. You will learn to feel what they feel. You may even dream about what they dream about, which means that yes, you will dream about places and people that you do not recognize. Anyway, I'm losing track here, meditation and yoga heal and help you relax. Total relaxation is the most important part. And being healthy. I had a tumor and was near death. It got me hurt physically, emotionally and eventually mentally as well. Doctors can help for some things. I would be dead by now if it were not for CT scans and Nikola Tesla <3


Just like in one of my past lives. I have dreamed about them. I was a witch who couldn't explain things, was sick with a tumor during a time when everyone called it hysteria because there was no other explanation......I was way ahead of my time. Now I have the whole World listening and tuning in with me. One of my newest and bestest friends lives exactly on the opposite side of the Earth from me, in the Philippines. Our birth charts are very compatible, we clicked right away and met on Facebook because we both enjoy reading birth charts.

Relax. Be healthy. Drink good, pure water (learn how to bless it your self). Stay in control of YOU. Many haters on the healing stones and dream catchers but I don't care.....I believe that we all need some form of protection. There are over 7 billion people in the World now, we are multiplying fast, taking up a lot of space and energy. Lots of energy vampires are out there, along with spirits (those who have passed on and are no longer in a physical body). Get yourself a dream catcher and some crystals. You will not be sorry. Recommendations below, keep scrolling.....


I LOVE Facebook for giving me all these photos. I particularly Love this one. It looks like the cat that was hanging around here, on my carport all winter. I have not seen him since I took his pic one day. I have been thinking about him and saw one just like him when I was riding around near that hospital last night  <3

To rid nightmares: Amethyst, Charoite, Prehnite, Moonstone (any color but I believe rainbow is best), Tigers Eye and Malachite

For insomnia: Amethyst, Celestite, Charoite, Blue Lace Agate, any blue Agates

For protection: Clear Quartz, Bloodstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Orgonite, Selenite, Smoky Quartz, Angelite

(all the above are also good for children and will help connect with Spirit Guides/Angels)

For more lucid and vivid dreams: Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Prehnite, Tigers Eye

For aide in astral projection, only use when you are absolutely ready: Aventurine (most preferably green), Labradorite, Peacock Ore, Brecciated Red Jasper, Citrine

If you have hallucinations or dream of fantasy too much: Charoite, Malachite, Sodalite, Black Onyx, Obsidian (any type, I prefer Snowflake), Hematite

To dream about past lives, again, only when you are ready and can prepare your self to know that you are lucid dreaming of the past and you can not change it: Carnelian, especially when used with Malachite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Petrified Wood and brown Jaspers


How to use the crystals: Make a grid on your night stand or an altar or your headboard. Put them under your pillow if you can. Or you can even put them next to you or on you while you sleep. It's that simple. I highly suggest that if you are new to crystals, that you only try one for a few days at a time so that you can learn how each individual one works for you. They all react a little differently towards us, just like other humans......

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