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Can you change a narcissist ??

11:01 pm Lots of people say NO. Impossible. But I have learned otherwise. But....they may not want to change. I am going to go over how to help both, the ones who do want to change and those who don't.

First and foremost, you have to believe in the power of thoughts and healing stones. If not, you might as well stop reading now. You also have to be close enough and brave enough to do what needs done. You will also need sea salt, old railroad spikes (please pick up ones that have fallen out, do Not remove them), black tourmaline and clear quartz. If you can afford some orgonite, that would be great also. You have to salt around their entire house. You may have to do it several times over a few weeks. The railroad spikes, black tourmaline, quartz and orgonite should be placed around the four corners, outside. If the house is odd shaped like mine, you will have to use a little imagination and surround the area. If they live in an apartment, they obviously have to be open to it and willing to let you place these things inside. But clearly you can do this outside without their knowledge. They will appreciate it some day, I promise.

What is Orgonite ?? (click on pic above to buy some)

Orgonite energy devices are one of the most effective ways that I have found to raise the vibrations in the environment that surrounds you. The combination of resin, metals and programmed crystals creates a strong protective force that also assists in counteracting any negative vibrations from electrical appliances, electromagnetic bombardment that can disrupt your energy system and subtle bodies.
All of the devises are programmed to carry and emit the highest vibrations. They also can be programmed for specific healing for the individual and work well for pets and plants too!  It strengthens your body’s energy field, helping to protect you from man-made EMF radiation and negative energy. Orgonite can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And that's just to start. If you want to help or have to help, as I had to with my mom, you most likely have the strength and you can do it. Especially if they want to change. That was what took so long with my mom. She didn't want to change, she hates change and of course, she thought she was perfect. Unfortunately it took my grandfather's death and me attempting suicide before she finally wanted to change.

And of course me being honest and telling her to face that she was a narcissist and treated me like shit. Several times, over many months I said it before she finally accepted it and was willing to work on things. You have to do that too. You can't play nice, you can't beat around the bush; you must be firm, rude and to the point. I have found that a lot of narcissists don't even realize that they are one. That's how self absorbed and damaged they are. Yes, most narcs are damaged and guarded, causing them to be this way. And no, you can't save them all. You can only try with the ones who are willing or whom you absolutely have to deal with or live with. Trust me, if you can live your life without them, it's much better to just let them go.

It takes a lot of patience, fights and hurt feelings (on your part) but if it must be done, you can do it. You should also protect yourself, especially when around them. I highly suggest wearing Bloodstone. Yes, there are many others but that one seems to work best and it is also good for your overall health, so just get some already. You definitely want to cleanse yourself as often as possible, most especially after dealing with them. I recommend saging yourself and then taking a hot shower or bath. If you bathe, put sea salt in your water. Yeah, you can sprinkle some over you before a shower also, it works, I have done it. But if you have good water, just a shower will work also. It does not have to be at Full Moon but it is the most powerful time. The Moon is always there, just because we can't see it, does not mean that it's not powerful.

There's more but I'm drawing blank thoughts right now so I will add more when I think of it. And of course, any questions or recommendations, please comment below. Have a Happy 4th of July everyone and be safe. Don't forget to request Uber if you get too drunk !!!

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