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I've always enjoyed writing but only recently started writing for the public. I am not the most imaginative writer therefore I write nonfiction. I've had a good life and mostly get what I want, everything but money and love (still working for those). I've learned how to use magick by helping others in the most positive ways that I can. I have a pure heart and do everything with LOVE. I enjoy making special gifts for the people in my life who need my help. I always know what they need on some soul level and am able to provide them with it. I am also making things to sell but am finding it difficult when I have no one in particular to make things for. I use to call myself a witch but never liked it. Still don't. And of course now that term has come to mean so much more than what it use to. If you have an open mind that is. The other names are good, which ever you want to call me works for me. I prefer Shaman for now, my goal is to be a High Priestess. Although for some I am that, I'm still practicing and learning while I share and help. That's how to get what you want, it's called Karma. Please don't be afraid to comment or email me, for help or suggestions.


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